Kimberley Lund is an animator, illustrator and designer, and has just finished studying at UTS in Visual Communications. She is currently working as a Junior Motion Designer at Hackett Films.


Animation, Motion Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Concept Design


After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver


Hackett Films: 2012 - current
(Junior Motion Designer)

Hackett Films: 2011 - 2012 (Intern and Freelancer)

Zspace: 1 month (Intern)


Sydney, Australia


m: 0468 719 456

Fight or Flight

Despite our affections for the finned, feathered and furry, there are a staggering number of species that are classified as critically endangered. We are enchanted by the behaviours of animals, and yet human behaviours — such as deforestation and poaching — are directly contributing to their destruction. The Sumatran Tiger, Dama Gazelle, Monk Seal, Madagascan Fishing Eagle and the Golden-Headed Langur are just five examples that represent the range of species endangered specifically as a result of humans. The habitats which they depend on are in danger, and despite all that evolution has graced them with, for these animals there is no way out — short of a miracle. Fight or Flight depicts this plight, as animals literally run out of space and time as they flee from a seemingly endless destructive machine. This 45 second segment of a short animated film presents the first two animals, the Sumatran Tiger and Dama Gazelle. This is my 4th year Major Project at UTS.

Sound Design by Gary Sinclair of Tactile Music
Design, Direction and Animation by Kimberley Lund

The Secret - Look Around

“The Secret - Look Around” is a short animation for a uni assignment. The brief was borrowed from this years Pro-Ninja Awards from Sixty Forty, asking for an animation inspired by the concept of “the secret”. My animation is set in the middle of a city – grey and drab as most of the 9-5 work-a-day community experiences. In a stylised, surreal manner it encourages people to find inspiration in the world around them - and to find beauty in the mundane.

Birds Of Evolution

This series was made in a digital photo manipulation class with the brief asking for 3 images under the concept of “the evolving image”.

Car Next Door

A freelance job for the start-up environmental company required a 2 1/2 minute animation, on which I was required to design the look of the world, from characters to backgrounds and product design.